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Licensed General Contractor #17LPL1149
Serving the Entire Corpus Christi Area
and San Antonio Area
(361) 244-8442
Licensed General Contractor #17LPL1149
Serving the Entire Corpus Christi Area
and San Antonio Area
(361) 244-8442

Reasons to Choose TPO Roofing

commercial roofing
Many commercial buildings have flat roofs, which operate differently than traditional sloped roofing of homes. When considering a new roof, one option is TPO roofing. TPO stands for thermoplastic olefin, and this material offers a number of advantages for your building. The membrane that covers your roof is actually three layers, which adds up to more protection for your building. A TPO roof makes a good choice for a low slanted roof because of its many benefits.
Benefits of TPO Roofing:
  1. Energy efficient
  2. Cost effective
  3. Durable
  4. Resistant to debris buildup and bacteria
  5. Resistant to tears, punctures and impact damage
  6. Adapts to the building’s movement
  7. Handles thermal expansion effectively
  8. Withstands UV and ozone exposure
  9. Strong seams
  10. Lowers HVAC costs during summer months due to its reflective ability
When you need a commercial roofing contractor who specializes in roll roofing or flat roofing, you need a professional company with experience in TPO roofs to help you understand how much better this material is for your business. Roll roofs can be applied quite quickly to let your organization get back to work with less disruption. There are fewer seams to install because the material comes in wider sheets. This translates into more savings through lower labor costs due to less work and time involved. TPO roofs are a great choice for the southern Texas climate where the sun beats down on buildings most of the year.

Serving All of Corpus Christi

When you’re replacing your roof in Corpus Christ, Portland, Robstown, Odem, Ingleside or anywhere in South Texas, call Vertex Roofing at (361) 244-8442 for options that work for your property. We want to help you find the right roof for your building that will be easy to maintain and last for a long time.

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