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Licensed General Contractor #17LPL1149
Serving the Entire Corpus Christi Area
and San Antonio Area
(361) 244-8442
Licensed General Contractor #17LPL1149
Serving the Entire Corpus Christi Area
and San Antonio Area
(361) 244-8442

Get Practical Flat Roofing in Corpus Christi

roll roofing
Flat roofs are preferred by many home and business owners, and you can get your own from Vertex Roofing in Corpus Christi. Flat roofing has a great lifespan and is resistant against various kinds of damage. ISO Boards are now installed on flat roofs due to Windstorm Codes that state slopes are now essential on flat roofing. In order for you to pass a Windstorm Inspection, our contractors are capable of re-framing your roof using an insulation board. This creates the required slope. Various types of flat roofs are offered, including:
  • Roll roofing
  • TPO roofing
  • Rubber membrane

We Offer Roll and TPO Options

Roll roofs are easy to install, and they typically consist of fiberglass or asphalt-saturated organic materials. They are rolled flat against either low or heavily sloped surfaces. TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roofing is another great option that is known for its high performance. TPO roofs utilize a synthetic compound that is also simple to install. It is highly resistant against ultraviolet, chemical and ozone exposure. It is an energy-efficient material that contains cost-saving properties because it does not require you to use your heating and cooling systems as often.

Contact Us in the Robstown and Portland Areas

If your current roof is severely damaged, then we can provide you with a total installation. However, many times a customer will just need simple roof repair in order to make their property safe again. Our experts know what they are doing, so contact them at (361) 244-8442 to learn more about how you can benefit. Our roofers have worked on numerous buildings throughout Corpus Christi, Portland, Robstown, Odem, South Texas and Ingleside, so we can help anyone living in the area.

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